Krooked Oak Tree Stands

  • Krooked Oak Base


    $79.99 (USD)
    $23.00 Shipping


  • Krooked Oak Treestand with Base


    $229.99 (USD)
    $46.00 Shipping



  • With the 2 piece base/platform design, the hunter does not have to control the entire weight of the stand while trying to attach it to the tree.
  • If used on a leaning tree, the hunter is able to utilize the high side of the tree to climb and hang the base after which the platform can be installed.
  • With the stand designed to attach to the side of a leaning tree, the hunter is able to step horizontally into the stand rather than climb around the stand.


  • The design of this stand allows adjustments to be made with a single pin for left and right adjustments. Leveling of the stand is made by adjusting the detachable base on the tree.
  • With additional bases in other locations, relocation of the seat and platform assembly is easily and quietly performed.
  • This stand is built with the same design as most lock-on stands so it is familiar to hunters.
  • There are few moving parts so the hunter quickly adjusts to hunting with this stand.
  • This stand folds flat to minimize storage space.


  • In our opinion and by obtaining the opinions of hunters, outfitters, and archery shop owners, we feel that this is the best lock-on treestand ever introduced to hunters.
  • The ability to use this treestand in trees that have not been accessible in the past.
  • This stand gives film crews more options for filming applications.


  • Another benefit to the 2 piece base/platform design is the ability to reduce cost by purchasing additional bases.
  • The cost ratio between buying complete stands in comparison to buying additional bases is substantial. This in turn allows the hunter the ability to hunt many other stand locations at a considerable reduction in the amount of money spent.