Pro Staff

  • Chuck Rayl


    I am 41 years old I was born in 1972 and I started hunting in 1978 with my dad and I have loved the gift.  Its in my  blood for 30 plus years with lasting memories that I can now pass on to my kids and grandchildren. 

  • Joe Rayl


    My name is Joe Rayl I'm 38 years old. My dad started my brother and I hunting at a very young age. In fact I was so young I can remember taking toys out into the woods to play with. Hunting has always been a blood tradition with our family and I wouldn't change that for the world!

  • Mike Bucheit

    I live in east Liverpool with my wife Joanna and my three sons Mike Jr, Justin and Joey. We all enjoy the outdoors. I am a union laborer, Air force vet and a youth wrestling coach.

  • Chuck Board

    Im 38 years old with a beautiful wife and daughter. I live in east liverpool oh. Im kind of a late bloomer in the hunting world. My dad got me into hunting in the ninth grade. I didnt bow hunt until the tenth grade. I have been fortunate enough to kill many nice bucks with my bow. My biggest to date is a 170" 14 pt. 90% of them on public land including my 170" er.

  • Steve Rodgers

    I was introduced to hunting at a very young age by my father and grandfather. Before I could even carry a gun, I would jump on brush piles to kick rabbits out for my dad. I began hunting rabbit and squirrel at age seven using a Single Shot 410. My early hunting experiences gave me a hobby to enjoy with my family, and later turned into one of my greatest passions. I enjoy being outdoors and feel at home when I am in the woods. I enjoy hunting whitetails here in Ohio; we have some of the best hunting in the country.
    During offseason, I enjoy fishing and scouting for the upcoming season. Hunting is truly a blood tradition.