Blood Traditions offers American-made products from the following suppliers. Click on each supplier to view their products.

  • All in Outdoors

    All in Outdoors, located in Lagrange ,OH, was established to design and develop high quality, low cost, practical hunting tools for the everyday American hunter. Check out their signature Leg Cuff! Dragging a deer out of the woods never got easier!

  • Invite Xtream

    West Farmington, OH is the home of Invite X-Tream Wildlife Systems, founded in 2003, that manufacturers scientifically Proven Wild Game Products to help you grow and attract trophy whitetails, provide ideal bugging habitat for wild turkey poults, or attract huge flights of migratory waterfowl.

  • Obsession Bows

    Based out of Middle Georgia, Obsession Bows is dedicated to develop the best archery equipment possible. We utilize the latest in design, engineering and materials to blend together the perfect platform on which to launch an arrow. Whether you are a target archer or hunter, we can help you hit your mark.

  • Sitting Hawk

    Located in Saint Mary, MO, Sitting Hawk is the maker of an awesome line of All Terrain Hunting/Fishing/Camping Chairs. These chairs enable you to sit anywhere while hunting, fishing or camping in comfort.

  • Stik-N-Shoot

    Stik N Shoot, located in Powderly, TX, is the manufacture of a complete tactical lighting system for rifles, shotguns revolvers, bows and crossbows. The first system designed to be attached with magnets for instant snap-on service and target acquisition. This is a top of the line 200 lumen lighting accessory and is unlike any other gun light or hunting light on the market.

  • SRB Field Rests

    SRB Field Rests can accommodate most types of guns, from shotguns to rifles, as well as bows. The steel sockets can be driven into frozen ground or ice with a driver inserted into socket striking the spike of the socket. With a dowel rod and simple plastic pipe, you can customize extensions to fit the exact requirements of your hunting situation. SRB is located in Atwood, KS,

  • Parker Bows

    Parker Bows

    Parker Compound Bows, Inc. is one of the largest producers of compound bows and crossbows in the world. Parker's rapid growth and success can be attributed to the highest quality, amazing performance and unmatched customer service. Parker's attention to detail results in a superior product that is made in America and carries an industry leading Warranty for the original owner.


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